Cattle Round-Up

Are you ready for something a bit more challenging than a trail ride?

Triple G. Outfitters, located at 4 Eagle Ranch, offers a ‘Cattle Round Up’ allowing guests to truly be city slickers.  Kick up your heels, or just kick back on this half-day ranch experience. Meet your wrangler and your horse, then head out to find those little “doggies” to round ‘em up. This ride will take you back a hundred years to the peaceful, romantic times of cowboys and mountain men. You’ll be surrounded by hillsides of sagebrush, mountain flowers, majestic views, and mesa trails where the Utes once spread their camps. Finding the 50-60 head of Corriente Cattle is the easy part, the challenge comes with driving them back to the homestead. Children must be 12 years or older, or have enough experience riding.

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