Our special location is built upon a rich western heritage born on the high plains and mountain peaks of the state’s historic past. It is here on the valley floor of the Eagle River basin that we invite you to relax and breathe in the natural resources that will help create memories for a lifetime. We have set our expectations high to ensure you’re able to enjoy all that 4 Eagle Ranch has to offer.

4 Eagle Ranch is owned by the 4 Eagle Foundation. Foundation is a 501(C)3 corporation and it’s mission involves developing and supporting leaders around the principles modeled by Jesus of Nazareth.

Our ranch employs full-time staff to help keep pace with a busy daily routine. Their clothing is functional for an outdoor lifestyle, and when visiting so should yours. Casual pants or jeans are always a good choice, along with a comfortable (warm in winter) pair of shoes to enjoy the grounds and outdoor areas.  In the winter we recommend dressing in layers so you can move freely between the indoor areas and any outdoor activities you may want to participate in.

How you want to enjoy 4 Eagle Ranch is truly up to you. While there may be scheduled activities in which to participate, many times our guests simply enjoy the serenity and natural surroundings our location offers.  Step outside by the fireplace or campfire. Gaze at the surrounding mountains that many native Colorado animal species call home. Or just become immersed in the heavens above, replete with an endless blue sky or the vastness of the evening’s stars.

Our aim is to have you become part of what we so enjoy sharing. The staff prides themselves on delivering a guest experience that will have you asking to return time and time again. Should we ever be able to improve your time with us, please do not hesitate to let us know. We encourage you to become part of Colorado’s history through your immersion in the 4 Eagle Ranch way of life.  It’s truly magical!

Kick up your heels.  Unwind and relax. Create memories.