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4 Eagle Ranch Senior Meal Program.

Keeping seniors safe Amid COVID-19 is one of our highest missions. We want to help vulnerable seniors Stay Home during this pandemic by donating meals to those that are the most at risk. 4 Eagle4 Eagle Ranch Chef Ranch has partnered with the Vail Pastors Network through the 4 Eagle Foundation to provide meals for our local Seniors in need. Many Seniors work part-time jobs to supplement their Social Security income to be able to afford basic necessities such as food. Many of us have been unable to work for the last several weeks and unemployment benefits are not supplement enough for many of our Seniors. Food insecurity has become a real issue and 4 Eagle Ranch is working to create a program to help ensure that those in our community don’t go hungry. 


Delivery VolunteersWhen the pandemic hit our Vail Valley hard & forced many of our businesses to shut down we knew we had to take action. We worked diligently to transition our food and beverage outlet into a home delivery operation for our seniors. This has also allowed us to keep some of our staff employed during these difficult times. It is not what happens to us rather how we respond that matters most. Looking for ways to stay involved in the community and support locals in need have been a blessing to focus on during this difficult time. Even though offering these meals began because of the pandemic this is not going to be a temporary service, we are going to continue reaching out to help and share what we have to make a difference. Together we can make a difference. 4 Eagle Ranch will continue to provide meals to seniors but with help from the community, we can provide even more meals to those in need. $10 donations cover the cost of one meal per person. If you are in a place to do so and would like to sponsor a meal please let us know.

Program Details: 

We are currently able to offer up to 30 meals per week and are serving seniors 70 and over. Every Wednesday afternoon meals are picked up by volunteers and delivered. They include a hot meal with soup, salad, rolls, fresh fruit. Additional staples are also included for future meals. Previous menus have included: Roast Turkey with cream sauce, Macaroni & Cheese, Carrots, Salad, Roll, Pumpkin Bread, Cookies, also Clam Chowder for an additional meal.

Our goal, through the support of the community and donations, is to continue this program year-round and be able to increase the number of meals available over the next few months.

To Nominate a Senior in Need Contact 4 Eagle Ranch at 970-926-3372 or email

To donate visit to ensure your donation goes directly to support this program choose the “Senior Meals” option. 

Thank you for supporting and partnering in this mission with us. 

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